The city tours for visitors to Berlin and “real” Berliners.
Experience city tours of a special kind! Ideal for incentives such as team building, work outings or company events.
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About us
The Idea The idea for Berlin Rallye developed out of my private life. Friends and family often came to Berlin to visit with a wide array of challenging requests and interests. Berlin, with its unique “mix”, did not disappoint them. They enjoyed this multifaceted city to the full.
Off the beaten tourist track, it was almost as if we discovered Berlin on our own initiative. Out of this we developed games using clever puzzles and exercises.

The Philosophy Only those who put their heart and soul into something can pass on the experience.
We love Berlin in all its colourful and challenging aspects. That is why we enjoy re-discovering the city over and over again. We are very pleased to share our enthusiasm.

Communication is the key to success. Working through communicative challenges in the form of games and getting to that goal together – it’s loads of fun and promotes healthy team spirit. Let Berlin capture your heart with humour and fun!

Head and heart of Berlin Rallye
Silvia Maria Ryrko

• 1998 Training in culture and events management

• Since 1999 development and implementation of events concepts

The Team

• Well-versed in all areas of Berlin

• Pass on their in-depth and intimate knowledge with humour

• Skilled in many languages

• Savvy, clever and always there for you!