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Discover Berlin’s Underworld
City Stories from below In the course of its history Berlin has had many constructions built into the poor sand soil of the Mark (Brandenburg) on which it was established. Entering some of Berlin Stadtmitte’s prominent buildings we will investigate how – and above all why – a big city goes “underground”.

On the trail of the Cold War, come and learn about the peculiar and bizarre world of the “Ghost Underground Stations”, which the West Berlin underground passed through without stopping when crossing underneath the east part of the city. The U-bahn was often required to take labyrinthine routes thanks to the “underground borders” formed by the division of Berlin.

Have you ever seen the “Mother & Child Bunker”? The bunker was built in 1940 – 41 by “Baustab Wilhelmi” one of the “Generalbauinspektors” (General Building Inspectors of the Reich Capital) for the imperial capital as part of the subway tunnels. To explore this sub terrain tunnel you will be issued with rubber boots because you will be standing in approximately 40 cm of water. You can expect to see a bunker that has been untouched since the Second World War and you will enjoy an almost unique atmosphere. Included in this underground tour you will visit the last remaining piece of the Berlin Wall.

Come and investigate the functioning of a “modern” bunker. A multi-purpose underground shelter for emergency cases was built to protect approx 3,400 people for several weeks. This makes it the fourth-largest civil underground shelter in Berlin. It is still fully equipped and operational, and is even situated above a waterworks so that the provision of drink water can be assured.

And discover Berlin’s “Blind Tunnel”! The earth under our feet is full of unutilized transportation constructions. For more detailed information, please write to us by

Erkundungstour Stadtgeschichte von unten

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Want more? Book a special tour before or after the Berlin Rallye! We offer every liking the perfect special tour to explore Germany’s largest city with 3.4 million inhabitants. Before you scout out the capital, let yourself be tempted by a Special Tour!

Something to smile about
Did you know that Berlin is over 8 times the size of Paris?

Lots to see
With a surface area of 889 square kilometres, it’s a good idea to see Berlin using one of a range of transportation modes and to have a knowledgeable Berliner along for the ride.

Tasty treats to feast on
Berlin is home to a cornucopia of culinary delights that are as colourful and multicultural as its tales and people.

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