City tours as work parties, team-building events or company celebrations.
Team-building, games and fun are guaranteed!
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Berlin Rallye Seminar
Every Rallye is unique On a multifaceted across town Puzzle Tour, playfully discover the historical attractions on offer, and learn about the essential background behind Berlin’s many surprising peculiarities.

Team spirit, thinking and looking “out of the box”, creativity, subtlety, are the keys to solving sophisticated problems and exercises, and fulfilling interactive missions.

Number of Participants
The City Rallye for groups of 6 or more people focussing on time management and/or teambuilding.

Start & Destination & Duration
The start point can be individually determined, and can, for example, be your hotel or the company headquarters in Berlin. We begin with the theory part of the Rallye (seminar) in the morning and you then have lunch which is followed by the practical part - the Berlin Rallye. Next is the analysis and evaluation with a prize-giving ceremony for the overall winner/winning team lasting about an hour.

The Concept
Time management and/or team building with a balanced mix of theory (indoor) – and the practical (outdoor).

Mobile Phones, e-mails, laptops – we can be reached increasingly easily and at almost any time – but instead of lightening the workload, we are faced with ever greater time-pressures.

What is particularly important and what is less important? Which issues take priority, which can be left until later? How do I donate my time as effectively as possible? These are some of the questions that are raised.

You may work in offices scattered nationwide and are not physically together? A conflict has arisen? You may have to introduce new employees to integrate into the team?

We provide the opportunity to identify and differentiate between good and bad patterns that occur in relationships and create the forum within which you will be able to develop new avenues of co-operation.

Good communication skills are the key to team success. People often get confused with other people's messages. Even when people know what they want to say, they often do not say it as clearly as they should. Listeners are also sources of communication problems. People very often fail to listen carefully. One often hears what they would like to hear and not what is said. One often hears not what another says … but thinks, hears and sees something entirely different.

You will improve your communication skills by experiencing all parts – the speaker, the listener and the third party - in different exercises. The `role playing` is designed to gather individual minds together to form a community spirit (Team Spirit) in which all participants are thinking together and are responsible for achieving specific objectives - thus learning the principles of successfully acting as a team. This experience you can take away from the event at Berlin Rallye and apply to your everyday life as a skill.

The Seminar
The seminars are all about giving you information on the following:

a) the effective allocation of priorities, tasks and ultimately time. A structured approach is not only a better system of working, but can also win yourself time. Using many examples and tips, you will learn time management skills which you can apply to everyday life.


b) the issues of communication and teamwork. Playful discover your capacity for teamwork and the benefits of co-operation and learn to overcome communicative problems.

The Berlin Rallye
The Rallye provides you with the opportunity to put into practice what you have just learnt! The Berlin Rallye presents the teams with the task of solving together sophisticated and fun questions and puzzles from a good mix of Berlin history, architecture, pleasure and culture. Through knowledge, guesswork, questioning, combining and “looking and thinking out of the box”, the teams ought to find the solutions to the puzzles.

Time management is essential, so it imports in this tailor-made Rallye to consider how you can use your time most effectively in order to reach the most goals and there solve the tricky puzzles and questions. Cleverness, skill, logic and—last but not least—good team work will help in collecting many points and coming to the common goal.

Equipped with all necessary rally utensils, you will now get to know Berlin in a completely different way. On the rally through the city, you get a full pack of sightseeing and fun, while you playfully learn to manage your time skilfully. The team building happens almost as a matter of course.

To find out about how your special ideas and wishes can be realized on a customized Berlin Rallye Seminar, please ask about our solutions for individual offers Contact

More questions?
Contact us, we are happy to advise you!

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FAQ - Questions and Answers

Weather and Outdoors
What counts as bad weather? Bad weather is relative and depends more so on your clothing and equipment (bring an umbrella!) than on personal attitudes. To us objectively bad weather is when the activities have become dangerous because of thunderstorms for example. In such cases you can either postpone or cancel the Rallye. Participate in the next Rallye or get your money back – it’s up to you!

How fit must participants be?
Not a bit! We assure you that no high-level sports performances are required! The most important thing is to have fun guessing, questioning, testing yourself, making up rhymes, combining concepts and learning.

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