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Berlin Wall Rallye
Every Rallye is unique On a multifaceted across town Puzzle Tour, playfully discover the historical attractions on offer, and learn about the essential background behind Berlin’s many surprising peculiarities.

Team spirit, thinking and looking “out of the box”, creativity, subtlety, are the keys to solving sophisticated problems and exercises, and fulfilling interactive missions.

Number of participants
The City Rallye starts with a minimum of 6 people

Start & Goal & Duration
We can begin whenever you would like either nearby the Bösebrücke (3 to 4-hour bicycle Rallye) or the Oberbaumbrücke (2 to 3-hour Rallye either by bicycle or a combination of walking and public transport). In both cases, the routes take you along the course of the former Berlin wall and end in a restaurant in Berlin-Mitte, near Hackescher Markt, where the prize-giving ceremony will take place.

The Concept
The Berlin wall was a symbol of the cold war and the division of Berlin. Today there is little to be found of Berlin’s most famous construction. Over the last 20 years, the Berlin wall has been slowly disappearing piece by piece. While it is still vivid in the memory and interest in it is keen, who today recalls former course of the double series of cobble stone streets along which the wall ran? Where exactly did the wall run, then? Whereabouts in the city are the extant remains of the wall? Do any preserved watchtowers still exist? How was life for the inhabitants of a divided city? And how has life changed with the fall of the wall?

Divided into teams, go in pursuit of these and other questions along the Berlin wall – start out on the search for traces of its remains, spectacular adventures of escape, and more amazing East and West stories.

Beginning with a lively reception, the groups will be divided into teams after a short briefing about the rules of the game. Equipped with a tour booklet full of tricky questions and tasks to complete and a city map, the aim is to puzzle your way from station to station through the once divided Berlin, either on bikes or a combination of walking and the BVG. In a fun and active way, participants will learn all kinds of valuable bits of information about the Berlin wall, wonder at its curiosities, and discover what remains of it… For refreshment you will be supplied with power-snacks and soft drinks for the journey. Naturally also with that East flair!

After two to three fascinating hours across the reunited city, teams will be awaited at a secret destination, where the booklet evaluation and prize-giving ceremony, including the awarding of first prize and participation certificates, will take place.

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More questions?
Contact us, we are happy to advise you!

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FAQ - Questions and Answers

Weather and Outdoors
What counts as bad weather? Bad weather is relative and depends more so on your clothing and equipment (bring an umbrella!) than on personal attitudes. To us objectively bad weather is when the activities have become dangerous because of thunderstorms for example. In such cases you can either postpone or cancel the Rallye. Participate in the next Rallye or get your money back – it’s up to you!

How fit must participants be?
Not a bit! We assure you that no high-level sports performances are required! The most important thing is to have fun guessing, questioning, testing yourself, making up rhymes, combining concepts and learning.

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