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Marlene Dietrich & The Golden Twenties
Every Rallye is unique On a multifaceted across town Puzzle Tour, playfully discover the historical attractions on offer, and learn about the essential background behind Berlin’s many surprising peculiarities.

Team spirit, thinking and looking “out of the box”, creativity, subtlety, are the keys to solving sophisticated problems and exercises, and fulfilling interactive missions.

Number of participants
The City Rallye starts with a minimum of 6 people

Start & Goal & Duration
Tours start at a time suitable to you from the Virchow monument at Karlplatz in front of the Charité hospital. Three hours later the teams reach their destination – a restaurant at Marlene Dietrich Platz / Potsdamer Platz where a presentation ceremony lasting around an hour will be held.

The Concept
The political reality was as grey and the culture was glamorous: Berlin’s culture in the twenties experienced a rapid boom. During the Golden Twenties it developed into metropolis of pleasures. Marlene Dietrich was one of the most controversial and most mysterious personalities of the time. The charm and mysteriousness of her person are as present today as they were then.

In teams you will set out on the trail of the idiosyncratic Diva Marlene Dietrich. Equipped with a tour book full of tricky questions, exercises and a city map you will have to puzzle yourself from attraction to attraction on foot through Berlin Mitte, playfully discovering many interesting and intriguing things along the way.

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FAQ - Questions and Answers

Weather and Outdoors
What counts as bad weather? Bad weather is relative and depends more so on your clothing and equipment (bring an umbrella!) than on personal attitudes. To us objectively bad weather is when the activities have become dangerous because of thunderstorms for example. In such cases you can either postpone or cancel the Rallye. Participate in the next Rallye or get your money back – it’s up to you!

How fit must participants be?
Not a bit! We assure you that no high-level sports performances are required! The most important thing is to have fun guessing, questioning, testing yourself, making up rhymes, combining concepts and learning.

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