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Berlin Rallye Cusomized
Every Rallye is unique On a multifaceted across town Puzzle Tour, playfully discover the historical attractions on offer, and learn about the essential background behind Berlin’s many surprising peculiarities.

Team spirit, thinking and looking “out of the box”, creativity, subtlety, are the keys to solving sophisticated problems and exercises, and fulfilling interactive missions.

Number of participants
The City Rallye is for groups of between 6 and 500 persons

Start & Destination & Duration
We start whenever and wherever you want! Rallye duration is at least 2 hours and as many as you would like. The awards presentation can take place in a restaurant, café, wine cellar, club, on a boat or on a picnic in the park…

The Concept
Explore Berlin Mitte, play up in a Berlin “Kiez”, or scout your way from East to West! If you’ve got some ideas or a thematic focus of your own, we’ll be there to help you find that innovative solution. For example, special emphasis might be given to team-building, seeing the town, or company-specific topics. Languages: German/English – other languages by arrangement.

Games & Getting around
The City Rallye, which consists of questions and puzzles to solve, can be “spiced up” with various creative or sporty games! Games of skill and agent games are fun and promote team spirit!

You can choose to do the Rallye on foot or go around in one of many different vehicles. Drive yourself or be driven? Pedal along by yourself or in a team? For particularly “tricky” tasks, animals or vehicles can be booked to assist you!

Berlin Stadtour mit Vehikeln

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Things culinary
Playing gives you a big appetite! Treat yourself to a gourmand tour! Choose from over 10 000 restaurants, bistros, bars and cafés to gather your forces with Berlin specialities or international cuisine. Whether it’s a special bite to eat along the way, or the buffet at the awards ceremony, there are an amazing variety of selected treats to choose from. We will happily arrange the perfect thing for every occasion.

The Full Package
You would like a Berlin programme lasting several days? We will happily plan and organize your whole stay! The City Rallye can constitute one of many of the sightseeing components. In German and English – other languages by prior arrangement.

To find out about how your special ideas and wishes can be realized on a customized Berlin Rallye, please ask about our solutions for individual offers. Contact

More questions?
Contact us, we’d be happy to give you personal advice!

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Berlin Sehenswürdigkeiten
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FAQ - Questions and Answers

Weather and Outdoors
What counts as bad weather? Bad weather is relative and depends more so on your clothing and equipment (bring an umbrella!) than on personal attitudes. To us objectively bad weather is when the activities have become dangerous because of thunderstorms for example. In such cases you can either postpone or cancel the Rallye. Participate in the next Rallye or get your money back – it’s up to you!

How fit must participants be?
Not a bit! We assure you that no high-level sports performances are required! The most important thing is to have fun guessing, questioning, testing yourself, making up rhymes, combining concepts and learning.

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