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Berlin Rallye News
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Our News28.5.2015 - 10 jears Berlin Rallye
The idea that is the Berlin Rallye was born 10 years ago. After over 1,000 successful events with over 10,000 adventure seeking participants Berlin Rallye is celebrating its 10th anniversary and all customers are invited. The kick off will be in 2015 with the “Rallye Highlights” contest framed by poems from 10 years Berlin Rallye experience.

Each and every one of you can qualify for the competition by participating in a Berlin or Potsdam Rallye between 1st June and 31st August 2015. The purpose of the contest is to complete the new bonus objective in the Rallye-Booklet and to hand in the results. Here you´ll find more information about the contest

Celebrate with us! We wish you lots of fun & good luck at the competition!
Your Berlin Rallye Team

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8.9.2014 - NEW! Kreuzberg Rallye – the true center of Berlin
This district is legendary!
Its history reaches far back, starting in the Middle Ages and continuing to the modern days where Kreuzberg was one of West Berlin districts bordering the Berlin Wall. Being the birthplace of different and alternative movements during this period of time, Kreuzberg nowadays combines them with modern cultural influences which results in a very distinctive atmosphere of this district. Every part of it is unique. Every facet is bright and colourful. Each house and each street has its own history. Here the nations of Berlin celebrate the most famous and almost 20 year old festival - Carnival of Cultures.
The core part of the rallye is visiting the different and very characteristic neighborhoods of Kreuzberg, or “Kieze” in German, and experiencing their very own charming flair. On this tour you may decide for yourself which parts of Kreuzberg you want to visit. You will need a good strategy for developing your personal route and including as many checkpoints as possible in order to win the game.
The art-galleries, bars, clubs, cafés, shops, museums, sights and monuments - there is so much to see and discover! We offer you your personal Kreuzberg experience - any season of the year and on any occasion.
The true center of Berlin awaits!

Your Berlin Rallye Team

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5.6.2014 - A bright summer for Berlin – the Capitol of Culture
The year 2014 in Germany is the year of UNESCO World Heritage and History.
Accordingly – Berlin and Potsdam are simply THE places to visit!

The gardens and parks in both cities are flourishing due to the warm and summery weather and the green copper roofs of historical buildings match the setting perfectly. Talking about UNESCO World Heritage - the world famous “Museum Island” of Berlin and the “Sanssouci Palace” in Potsdam are only the tip of the iceberg!

Over a period of about 400 years famous architects have created a widespread scenery in Potsdam and Berlin, combining different styles of architecture from different ages. This unique ensemble serves as a fitting stage for many events and festivals.

Talking about festivals! Don‘t miss out on the Carnival of Cultures – a festival in June where over 80 nations present their cultural specialties. Come and visit Berlin – the Capitol of Culture!

Our Berlin Rallye Customized offers you the possibility to design your own unique Berlin experience - all you need to do is to contact us! You are also very welcome to ask for one of our ready-to-enjoy packages Berlin Rallye Classic or Potsdam Rallye, which offer you a fascinating introduction to these world culture heritage cities.

Whether for a work excursion, a convention, an annual meeting, or a private party: Berlin Rallye is a communicative team experience for body, soul and mind, enabling you to become more familiar with one another and with the city!

Celebrate your 2014 anniversary in Berlin or Potsdam and get to know these cities through means that are both entertaining and active.

We look forward to meeting you!

Your Berlin Rallye Team

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FAQ - Questions and Answers

Weather and Outdoors
What counts as bad weather? Bad weather is relative and depends more so on your clothing and equipment (bring an umbrella!) than on personal attitudes. To us objectively bad weather is when the activities have become dangerous because of thunderstorms for example. In such cases you can either postpone or cancel the Rallye. Participate in the next Rallye or get your money back – it’s up to you!

How fit must participants be?
Not a bit! We assure you that no high-level sports performances are required! The most important thing is to have fun guessing, questioning, testing yourself, making up rhymes, combining concepts and learning.

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